About Le Charme Magazine

Le Charme Magazine is a voice and a vision, it is a movement of empowerment and sisterhood and beacon to all who stand behind Le Charme. We aim to unite the masses and dispel the long standing myths of women working together. This is a magazine for women, written by women to uplift women. It is our belief that every woman has a voice to be shared, a story to be told, and a means to inspire. Through exhilarating stories that provoke both heart and mind, thoughtful articles to spark creativity, and alluring images to invade the senses and celebrate diversity Le Charme Magazine aspires to incite an awakening of unity and strength.

Meet The Team

DeiIra Smith-Collard
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Josie Sloan
Managing Editor
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India Henderson
Beauty Editor
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Dalana Bryant
Copy Editor
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Cole Leviston
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Khahelah Thorton
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Kim Bob
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Brandee Nelson
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Lulu Botello
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