It is AMAZING how all of the writers came together in this book with different visions that came across the same path. I love the concept of the short stories. Very talented & gifted the writers are! I would love to know how much further their stories would/could go if turned into their own individual books. Two thumbs up and round of applause...

Caramel Surprise Sandra James, owner of Coffee Confessions, serves up coffee, books, music and good ole' fashion customer service that keeps her shop full of eclectic patrons at the cost of having a life of her own. She yearns for a man of her own, but all hell will break lose when a love loss and love anew collide? Death by Espresso From the crazy house to the edge of insanity, Mallory Haulm's alter ego wants deadly revenge against his family. But when his enters Coffee Confessions will his meeting with God temper his anger and heal his broken soul or will Mallory's Ego be successful in plotting death and vengeance?

Latte Lady Valencia Banks is a lonely barista working at Coffee Confessions searching for the truth. She believes her family sees her as a failure, especially with "perfect" brother. Then one day, a stranger walks into the coffee shop and his past changes her future forever. A Second Cup Please Frank returns to Houston after losing his wife, his home, and his job. Sandra, his old college friend, steers him to a new job and relationship. However, he soon realizes his new relationship has a hideous secret that could render his second chance his last. A Double Shot of Darkness Kayla is struggling with the erotic and aggressive behavior of the voices in her head.

She enters Coffee Confessions and finds peace from her confusion and a friend in Sandra in whom she can confide until she wakes to find herself covered in blood and her husband dead. More Than Coffee Diane Darhling and her sorors gather in Coffee Confessions when Diane unexpectantly meets up with an old enemy, bringing her face-to-face with her past. Tempers boil over with unexpected consequences... Suite Mocha Mocha Simms is a software engineer by day needs a change and plans to celebrate her birthday with Sandra. However, Mocha's pre-birthday celebrations will land her in Suite 210 and her pseudo personality, laced with lust, desire, and passion are born.

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