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DeiIra Smith-Collard

The Author

DeiIra Smith-Collard is an author from Houston, Texas. With a creative writing style that intertwines fact with fiction, love and lust, and moral dilemmas, her books are thought to challenge the mind and question the lines of relationships, love and life.

DeiIra’s first novel, Love Lust & a Whole Lotta Distrust was self-published in 2008 and met with great reviews. After the success of the first novel, DeiIra went on to write for Anexander Books, publishing her next 2 full length novels, Secrets, Sins and Shameful Lies and Role Play. In addition to her full length novels, she has also published a short story, My Extra and was also featured in 2 anthologies, Bedtime Stories and Coffee Confessions.

In addition to writing DeiIra Smith-Collard is also the Founder and Editor-In-Chief for Le Charme Magazine and a freelance photographer/graphic and web designer.

The Editor-In-Chief

In an effort to combine three of her favorite loves, writing, photography & design and girl power, DeiIra Smith-Collard founded Le Charme Magazine.

Le Charme was founded as a voice and a vision. Composed of an all girl team, it is a movement of empowerment and sisterhood meant to unite women and motivate them to greatness.

Le Charme Magazine believes in beauty, passion and purpose and aims to inspire women and celebrate diversity. DeiIra Smith-Collard's key duties are editor-in-chief, creative director/designer and photographer.
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The Designer

DeiIra Smith-Collard’s talents go beyond writing. For over 17 years DeiIra Smith-Collard has been a professional photographer specializing in weddings, boudoir and glamour photography. Like her writing, her style of photography tells a story while challenging boundaries and concepts.

In addition to photography, DeiIra is also a web and graphic designer. In 2010 she decided to expand her skill set by returning to college to complete a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media. DeiIra is a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston, where she excelled with honors.

As a designer, DeiIra mainly works with companies, entrepreneurs, models and other talent seeking to expand and develop their brand. For more information please visit