1. Where does NubianFX find it’s stock?

NubianFX shoots it’s own stock as well as use premium licensed stock photography. NubianFX photos are not sold on any other sites, making it exclusive. Our models will only be seen on our covers and no two covers will ever have the exact same picture, even if premium stock photography is used. 
***Background images ex: cars, buildings, graphics and background people may be stock.  

2. How do I purchase from NubianFX.

For Book covers just click on the add to cart button and follow the steps to check out. For other services, please visit the services page and follow the link.

3. Can I change the design on a PreDesigned book cover.

Other than the modifications to the title and author text to personalize your book info, changes cannot be made to a predesigned cover. If you are looking for custom options, please contact us regarding custom design covers.

4. Can I return a cover?

Both predesigned and custom covers are non-refundable. Custom covers allow for two revisions, but the designs are non-refundable. 

5. I want to purchase a cover but I’m not ready to use it, what do I do? 

Once you purchase the cover from NubianFX it is your indefinitely, once you’re ready to use it, contact us with your information and we will get it updated and to you, ready for use. 

6. Can you hold a pre-designed cover without purchase?

No, predesigned covers are first come first serve, if you are not ready for use but would like to purchase the cover it will be held for you once the purchase is complete.

7. How long do I have to pay for my design?

Pre-designed covers are due at the time of checkout. For custom cover design, payment is due within 48 hours of receiving the invoice. 

8. I received a finalized copy of my pre-designed cover but need to make changes, is this possible?

Before documents are finalized, you will be sent a draft for final approval. Once approval has been given, the cover is finalized. If you would like changes afterwards, there will be an additional fee. 

9. I want a custom book cover designed, but I want to use my own models, can I do so?

It’s okay with us, however your chosen models will need to sign a NubianFX photo release. In addition, all images sent to NubianFX must be at least 300 dpi to ensure graphics are crisp and clear.

10. Does NubianFX create promo graphics, teasers and trailers?

Yes, please contact us regarding your request and we will create a quote based on your needs.